Dear Friends,

Welcome to my website…

Just like each of you, I fell in love with books before I could even read. Mother loved to tell how, as she would close whatever book she had read to me, I’d pout and say, “As good as I love it, and as well as I know it, and I can’t read a word of it!”

About the same time I fell in love with antiques. Family friends who had been medical missionaries in the 1920s and ‘30s had a small table with a glass top (I later learned these are called vitrines) that was just the right height. Inside were tiny treasures from their travels around the world—netsuke and beads, scent bottles and miniature figurines. They were child-size and beautiful, and oh, so mysterious. I loved them.

I’ve never lost my passion for books or antiques, and these days I’m having the time of my life chasing my protagonist, Sterling Glass, antiques appraiser, on her adventures.

So feel free to wander around these pages. If you’re in a book club or antiques group, or just want to think some more about my books, check out the Readers Guides. What people are saying about Stealing with Style and The Big Steal is under Reviews, and appearances, both live and virtual, are listed under Tour.

If you’d like for me to be part of your meeting via telephone or answer your group’s questions by email, drop a line to E m y l J e nk i n s  at  E m y l J e n k i n s . c o m with the message line reading Invitation to join us. I’d love to meet you and hear your stories.

And do check out my Blog. There’s lots of information about books and antiques, shops, writing, and wonderful places that Sterling and I find particularly interesting or fascinating, or both.