The Big Steal

When Sterling Glass is hired to assess the value of broken and missing antiques following a puzzling theft at Wynderly, a Virginia house museum once owned by Hoyt and Mazie Wyndfield, she finds her job is more complicated than she’d anticipated. Why would this well-heeled couple, have had so many fakes among their extremely valuable antiques?

Working her way through uncovered diaries, old receipts, and one hidden room after another, Sterling finds the plot ever-expanding in this mystery of  deception.  Because Sterling Glass knows that though DNA and  forensics may prove ‘whodunit,’ ultimately it is people and the stories they tell that hold the real clues.  And so Sterling listens.  In her quest for the truth Sterling meets five women whose lives span the 1920s to today and learns why these women made the choices they did.

As Sara Gruen, author of Water for Elephants, said of The Big Steal, “Throw in a dash of danger, a hint of romance, and a pinch of international intrigue, and you have the perfect book to settle down with on a lazy afternoon.” 

The Big Steal also includes an illustrated guide to identifying the most popular antiques by style and period.

Published by Algonquin Books, The Big Steal, ISBN: 13:078-1-56512-446-2, is available in bookstores everywhere.

Stealing with Style 

Antiques appraiser and syndicated columnist Sterling Glass has a pleasant life in Leemont, Virginia. A member of Leemont’s upper crust through her former husband, Sterling is the soul of discretion when family skeletons are unearthed among the heirlooms. She is content with her life — well almost. She does have a yearning for a certain retired and widowed Episcopal priest who, like Sterling, has reached life’s half-century mark and also loves antiques. 

Then, on a seemingly routine estate appraisal — though there is a dead body and police swarming around — Sterling discovers a rare and important 18th-century English silver tea urn in a closet. To complicate matters, a wonderful Georgian pin shows up at the local Salvation Army thrift shop hidden in an oven mitt donated from the same estate. 

Soon Sterling is embroiled in more than she asked for in a plot that involves crooked antiques dealers, experts in a sophisticated New York auction house, fine old Southern families, small-time crooks, and yet another treasure trove — this one of highly valuable bronze and ivory Art Deco figurines long buried away in the bowels of Brooklyn — all the while she tries to figure out her own personal life. 

The first in a series of Sterling Glass adventures, Stealing With Style, published by Algonquin Books, ISBN: 13:978-1-56412-523-0, is available in bookstores everywhere.