What people are saying about The Big Steal

Emyl Jenkins does it again! Both entertaining and enlightening, The Big Steal introduces us to the fascinating world of antiques and the people who collect them, forge them, and use them for nefarious purposes. Throw in a dash of danger, a hint of romance, and a pinch of international intrigue, and you have the perfect book to settle down with on a lazy afternoon.

~Sara Gruen, Water for Elephants

The Big Steal nabs your attention with its Southern charm and keep-you-guessing mystery of missing antiques. My appraisal? Read it!

~Kate Jacobs, The Friday Night Knitting Club

Sterling Glass is my kind of girl: she’s got a great sense of adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed being along for the ride.  The best part for me as producer of PBS’s Antiques Roadshow: I’m learning about antiques without even trying!  A fine novel, a fun read, and a fabulous antiques mystery: my only disappointment was this caper coming to an end!

~Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer, PBS’s Antiques Roadshow

Miss Marple wears Prada! In The Big Steal, Emyl Jenkins again unleashes the scintillating skills of Sterling Glass, the sexiest, savviest senior ever to sleuth her way through the intricate labyrinth of the antiques world. And when Sterling opens a musty attic trunk, romance spiced with a little mayhem is about to blossom.

~Katherine Neville, The Eight

Real-life antiques appraiser Jenkins again imbues her sleuth, Sterling Glass, with knowledge and curiosity in equal parts, making this story as informative as it is layered.

~Booklist, starred review

Emyl Jenkins not only understands the antiques world, she knows how exciting and addictive it can be.  As soon as I started The Big Steal, I couldn’t wait to see what happened.  I knew the journey would be full of twists and discoveries.”

~Judith Miller, of Miller’s Antiques Guides

The Big Steal gleams like well-burnished silver as it gently explores what happens at the intersection of greed, opportunism, and the allure of easy money.

~Ellen Cosby, The Bordeaux Betrayal

This is what happens when antiques are to die for.  Former antiques expert Emyl Jenkins has here concocted the perfect mystery for her detective Sterling Glass to unravel.  You’ll never be able to look at the old stuff on your mantel in quite the same light. “Things” have tales to tell.

~Mike Olmert, three-time Emmy winner writer for the Discovery Channel

Elegant, wistful, and witty.  Sterling Glass is a delight, and what she discovers about Mazie’s marriage proves that true love, like a good antique, survives forever.

~Susann Cokal, Mirabilis

There’s never a dull moment in The Big Steal.  The plot twists and turns so well that the story is a joy to read.

~Helaine Fendelman, Contributing Editor, Country Living Magazine.

A leisurely, genteel story packed with information sure to please antiques lovers.


…and Stealing With Style

“The world of antiques and auction houses has always been a mystery to outsiders. Stealing with Style tells of back room deals, undiscovered treasures, and thefts…. A fast-moving mystery for antiques lovers as well as those who like a story with twists and unexpected characters.”

~Ralph & Terry Kovel, the Kovel Price Guides

“The talented Emyl Jenkins blows the dust off antiques and those who purvey them in her sparkling debutStealing with Style. You will love the story of the antiquarian Sterling Glass, an elegant, complex character with a twist. Mysterious, funny and memorable…a great read.”

~Adriana Trigiani, Big Stone Gap

“In 30 seconds Emyl Jenkins can survey your possessions and know everything about you. She has written a wonderful novel in which antiques expert Sterling Glass, shares that ability. You’ll love Emyl’s book — just don’t let her in your house!”

~Sharyn McCrumb, The Rosewood Casket

“What a stylish debut! Sterling Glass is both knowledgeable and appealing – a woman of the new millennium with an appreciation of the past. I hope this is the first of many adventures because I definitely want to go antiquing with her again.”

~Margaret Maron, Hard Row

“Intriguing antiques appraiser, Sterling Glass, knows her way around estate sales, dark warehouses, and high-end auction houses. What she finds will surprise and delight you…it did me.”

~Ann B. Ross, the Miss Julia books

Stealing with Style is fabulously entertaining, featuring a protagonist who’s truly brilliant (pun intended) — Sterling Glass. The intricate story and wonderfully portrayed characters drew me in from the first page, and I loved learning the ins and outs of the mad world of antiques. I simply cannot wait for Emyl Jenkins’ next novel!”

~Diane Mott Davidson, Fatally Flaky

“An intriguing mystery with a short course on appraisal thrown in.”

~ Sam Pennington, The Maine Antiques Digest

“Smart, sly, entertaining and graceful as can be, Stealing with Style is a flat-out, hit-the-jackpot treat. From New York’s high-dollar antique world to the peculiar rhythms of Southern living, from depression glass to back-alley intrigue, this gem of a book never misses a beat, and Emyl Jenkins ought to be mighty proud of herself.”

~ Martin Clark, The Legal Limit

Sterling Glass is “beguiling.”

~ Kirkus Review

Stealing with Style is a “winner.”

~Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

Stealing with Style is “sparkling” and “elegant.” “Hats off to a heroine of a certain age with plenty of smarts and a healthy longing for a gentleman caller.”

~ Booklist, starred review

“Ms. Jenkins’ dialogue has a genuine Southern accent (this is the way people do talk), and her characters have substance and depth…. Ms. Jenkins promises future Sterling Glass adventures: We want that promise in writing, please.”

Ann Lloyd Merriman, Richmond Times-Dispatch

“A fascinating look at the world of antiques.”

— Library Journal

“The book is a fast, fun read…with plenty of information.”
Bill Glose, Virginia Living